This is where it all started. April 2010. Very small studio for our training. 400 – 600 Sq ft of room.


Next is a standard racquet ball court we sublet to become our training space. 800 Sq ft if I recall correctly. Setup in the summer of 2011.


In 2013, we briefly acquire this space in the next photo. I say briefly because we were only here for 2 to 4 months max due to the city taking it over for land development. Was told the total space was approximately 1400+ Sq ft. It had an extended space towards the back.


By now you’ve seen the first photo posted. This is where we are currently. Although not the biggest, it is definitely our best thus far. Always looking for improvement and more space, but until we find a suitable location to provide that, we have grown to love our little facility.

A. Hudson

Written by DDMMA

MMA Training Facility And Fight Team In Alamogordo, NM.

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