In the main event of the night, Antonio “Doomsday” Jones had a dominating performance and came out victorious by unanimous decision! Jones forced the fight to his pace making his opponent cautious of what to do by angling and changing levels constantly. In the 1st round, both fighters took the center and circled throwing a few shots in what seemed like a feeling out process. As the round progressed, Jones became more active and started to land precise, timed, and hard shots. His opponent, Hector Ochoa, countered with some hard shots of his own and defended against takedown attempts and the clench keeping the fight on the feet. Both fighters kept exchanging blows landing to the head and body until the end of the round. As the 2nd round started, Jones came out hard and more aggressive than the previous and really pushed the pace. Moving more and landing shot after shot from low to high, Antonio had his rhythm set. Rocking, wobbling, and tiring out Ochoa. Hector was having a hard time finding momentum, but still engaging in the fight. In the 3rd round, Ochoa came out more aggressive and started to throw and land some hard leg kicks making Jones stumble off balance a little until he started to check the kicks. Ochoa stopped kicking as frequently and reassessed his tactic. As this happened Antonio came forward full force and started to blast kicks and punches to his opponent rocking Hector and wobbling him and slowing him down tiring him out in the round. An already tired Ochoa had his hands low and couldn’t get them up in time to protect his head from the punches by Antonio. Jones took the opportunity and put him to the mat with a takedown. Keeping calm, in control, and aware of the possible sweeps and submissions from Hector, Antonio pressured and kept him against the cage on the ground landing shots every so often to wear down his opponent. Not allowing Antonio to pass or posture to strike down, Hector kept a strong guard. They eventually got back to their feet due to the referee intervening in the closing seconds of the fight. They had a short exchange and Antonio landed a hard enough front kick to the body of Hector to knock him off his feet as the buzzer sounded. The judges gave the win to Antonio in a unanimous decision to give DDMMA an unblemished victory for the night!

These two warriors were definitely ready to perform and that they did! Both looking for that big win and ready to do what it takes to fulfill that! Thankful enough, DDMMA did what we had to, to ensure the victory.


James “Just Too Nice” Galam put on a spectacular performance winning his 2nd amateur fight in round 2 via TKO/referee stoppage by ground and pound. In the 1st round his opponent, Anthony Nevarez, came out aggressive and throwing some hard shots to close the distance in attempt to impose his will on James and take him to the ground. James weathered the storm, moved, and countered as needed and managed to get on top in Anthony’s guard. Nevarez slapped on a few submissions which put Galam in a tough position and could have easily ended the fight in favor of the opposition. James fought through the submissions and got free to take more control of the fight and landing top strikes which cut Nevarez over his left eye. 2nd round was was nearly the same as the first with James and Anthony meeting head on in the middle and eventually making it back to the ground and Anthony throwing a few more submission attempts. James defended just as he needed to and passed to the side where he made an attempt for a submission of his own. It didn’t take so he stayed in side control and continued to land hard strikes to his opponent leading to the referee stoppage.

Both men came out ready to fight and ready to win. It was a great match up for both warriors and fortunately for DDMMA Fight Team, we took the win! Congrats James on the great performance and victory.


All fights and fighters that night were nothing short of fantastic! If you missed out, I suggest you don’t the next time! It was a very great show with lots of action!

Great job to all and especially to our teammates! You fought some very tough and game opponents and took the victory home! Keep making us proud!

A. Hudson

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