Hey everyone, just wanted to give an update on the gyms progress. We are not completely where we want to be as far as operating to the capacity we have planned, but we are definitely able to resume some training! If you are able to make it tonight to practice or just want to drop by to see all the time and work we have put into the facility, please don’t hesitate. You are more than welcome to come by! We can post and send as many pictures as we want, but until you see for yourself what’s been accomplished, you won’t truly understand the depth of our excitement! The layout and setup are only temporary until we have the other expected equipment delivered. There will be constant adjustments and additions to the facility each day as we are still working on completing the project. Also, there are possible schedule changes to come to fit the needs of the gym as we are working on opening up different courses to the public. In any case, everyone will be notified in adequate time prior to all the changes. Don’t worry, none of the changes are detrimental to your MMA growth or conflict with you’re own time constraints and limitations. But none of that matters because it’s all for the betterment of the team and we are now able to train again! So again, feel free to come in and get back into the groove of things or just drop by!


Please DO NOT forget your payment for this month. Let’s get back to work guys! 😆

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