If you haven’t been in contact with us or been to the gym as of late, it’s almost certain you may not be up to date with our current events. We have recently made a decision to relocate once again. It was a financially driven decision overall, but there were other issues that arose as well. The new current location provides a much better training atmosphere and space, as well as minimizing any financial burdens the gym may accrue that could possibly come about. So the choice was obvious. We are still located in the Granada Shopping Center, but at a new suite. We are now in #721. No pictures have been posted yet because we are actually still in the setup process, however we have done enough to sufficiently operate and continue our training. We are waiting for a few more large training parcels to be delivered to give everyone even more to work with and grow. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion anyone may have, but know that we are still here and have an even better place now. Feel free to come down or make contact if any questions arise. Thank you all! Now let’s get back to work! 

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