It’s that time again! We have 3 of our competitors participating in this upcoming event on Saturday, August 31st in Las Cruces, New Mexico! It’s going to be a great night of action filled Mixed Martial Arts competition! If you’re in the area around that time, don’t hesitate to come check out this awesome event!

Returning to the cage for his 7th amateur bout is Richard “Black Skellington” Jennings who always puts on a great show every time he enters the arena! Never backing down from a good fight in the cage and ready to showcase some new skills since his last bout, Richard brings a plethora of weapons and abilities to the table against any opponent in front of him! It’s never a dull night when Richard is on a fight card! He brings his very best to the table each and every time!

Also making his way back to the arena at this event is David “The Prototype” Hudson! David is one of the most talented and hard working individuals ever to set foot on any mat! Having trained well over a decade in MMA, David, like Richard, brings a multitude of abilities that have been honed and sharpened over time since his first session all those years ago! Ready to bounce back from a grueling defeat in his first bout, David will also be looking to showcase some new abilities that he’s been working since that last match and put on an entertaining show while looking to get the win! David is ready to bring his A-game and more to this event!

And last, but never least, we have a debut from Ricky Rardin, one of our competitors that has come a very long way since he started training full blown with our team! Eager to get his first match, Ricky started to take training really serious and worked extremely hard to improve each day, getting his strength and conditioning up to par, as well as his diet and weight to an adequate position! Ricky was an on and off member for a few months until he made the decision to fully commit his time! Wanting to take a match when he stepped back on the mats, Ricky was ready to do whatever it took to get in the cage! He understood that it was much too soon at the time, so he waited and worked each and every day until he was fully ready and is now going to put on the best show he knows how! Looking for that same win as the other two!

Please come and show your support for our team and Mixed Martial Arts in general! Also, we are always looking for sponsors for the fighters and the facility. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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