Another notice to the Adult’s practice, a long thought decision on the schedule will also be implemented very soon. We will most likely end practice at an earlier time. Whether or not we open earlier will also be determined along with this decision. We have to weigh the pros and cons on if it will be beneficial or detrimental to the livelihood of the facility and if it holds any negative bearing on the personal life of the coach(es). This idea has just recently come to light for professional reasons that have an effect on the personal life of said coach(es). Nothing is permanently set, so the possibility of the change itself may not even be implemented. However, if said change does take course, the possibility of things converting back may also happen, but is only determined through the outcome of the change which includes the feedback and participation of the members themselves. It is understandable that this is a lot to take in as well as confusing, but we also have to put our personal lives ahead of the facility and team at times as we have taken too much time away from the more important aspects of our own lives for many years. This should be very understandable as we would never try to persuade any of the members to do that, especially in terms of priorities. Again, this is for the Adult’s Class schedule only. We will keep everyone updated as we move along on this decision.

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