It’s been a while.

So it’s been a while since we’ve updated things on here, but we juat want to let people know that we are still open and going strong. We have a few new things this summer that we’ve been working on and ready to implement. Bringing back morning hours, one on one personal MMA training, one on one personal fitness training, boot camps for beginners, and a summer 3 month special! Take a look at the flyers down below for the info! Don’t get stuck at home just hitting a punching bag and think you’re training properly and adequately. Come get thorough instruction and hands on practice at a legitimate facility! See you on the mats!


Saturday; March 31st, 2018

Hello everyone! It has definitely been some time since we’ve made any updates to our website, but we have been very very busy this year with multiple tasks as of late. We are excited to announce that some of our team members are competing in another event this coming weekend, March 31st, in Las Cruces, New Mexico! We have three DDMMA competitors on the event ready to showcase their skills in the cage!

Richard “Black Skellington” Jennings

First, we have Richard “Black Skellington” Jennings making a run at his 4th competition since starting his journey with us. Holding a 2-1 record, he’ll be looking to increase his win column to 3-1 against another very game opponent by the name of Jonathan Juvera coming out of Arizona in the 145lbs weight division. Last time Richard competed in Las Cruces, he had one of, if not, the best fights of the night! 3 round war ending with a much deserved decision win in Richard’s favor. Let’s go make it happen again!

Manny “The Mischief” Villarreal

Next is Manny “The Mischief” Villarreal ready to throw! Holding a 1-0 record, Manny is also looking to add another W on his record as well. He will be matched against James Lamendola fighting out of Arizona in the 135lbs weight division. After taking a bit of a hiatus, for his own reasons, from MMA after his first fight, Manny had quite the long road back to competition level abilities, conditioning, and training upon his return. Little by little, day by day Manny pushed his mind and body to the absolute brink each time he was on the mat. Until finally, his body’s level of performance surpassed his previous abilities when he took his first match. Can’t wait for this one either!

Jeremiah “Sir Death Stalker” Jackson

And finally, we have Jeremiah “Sir Death Stalker” Jackson making his MMA debut. Having been on our mats for over year now, Jeremiah has put in a great deal of work and extra effort in his training to get him where he is now. Previously weighing roughly 250+lbs and out of shape, Jeremiah has dropped a significant amount of excess and unnecessary size since starting his journey. Now walking around at a comfortable and much healthier 185lbs, give or take a few here and there, Jeremiah has made great progress in his training. Jeremiah is also not as young as some of the other competitors on the MMA scene, however it only proves it that much more that your age will only be a factor of you allow it to. Looking to get his first match in the books, he is set to face a very game Kemoy Anderson out of El Paso, Texas at the 170lbs weight division. Let’s get it done!

All 3 of these gentlemen have been busting their backs to perform well for this event. Win, lose, or draw, your team is proud of you all and will stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with you no matter the outcome! Leave it all in the cage boys!

KOTC, January 27th, 2018

Our first competition of the year is set! 

On January 27th, one of our up and coming fighters will be competing for the King of the Cage promotion in Albuquerque, NM. Richard “Black Skellington” Jennings has been with our team for quite some time now and has put in a great deal of work and effort on the mats with our team to achieve the best outcome for each competition. Having already fought twice, once ending the match in the first round via arm bar and the second in phenomenal dominating fashion via unanimous decision, Jennings has so far accumulated a 2-0 unblemished MMA record. With proper preparation, as we always do, Richard will seek to keep his undefeated achievement and make it 3-0 next Saturday and in a different weight class! Richard is one of our rare breed individuals that has a drive and work ethic that just can’t be taught and always shows when on the mats, outside of training, and just life in general. With that focus, mixed with the right training, his performance will show it in every match no matter where he’s at or who’s in front of him across the cage. We work hard to succeed! 
If you are in the area and aren’t busy or just want something to do, come out and have a great time being part of the show by watching us and all the other competitors at the event! Thank you as always for the much appreciated continued support as we keep climbing and trying to achieve something people from our small town have never thought could happen! We can never say our thanks enough! We will make everyone proud!

Dues Policy 

Just a reminder, training fees for the month are to be made on the 1st of the month, every month, unless the 1st falls on a weekend, holiday, or any day that the facility is closed. Payments are due upon entry the next day of operation or next day of practitioner’s participation if payment is missed on the 1st. If wanting to participate in training is the intention, please understand that payments will need to be made on time like any other payment for a provided service. 
If having trouble in coming up with the payments on time, payment arrangements need to be discussed with a facility operator in adequate time before the 1st of the next month. 
If neither of these have been met, please understand that you will have to wait until you have the funds available to continue training and participating in our sessions. Please do not attempt to join the class while in session if you are not current in your own dues. You will have to watch from the sidelines and are prohibited from any usage of the training equipment and/or session until payment has been resolved. 
Everyone who trains at the facility has read and signed each of the training agreement packets and needs to abide by them in regards to the gym dues. To ensure we are able to continue to provide usage to the facility and our MMA training instruction services, we need every participant to uphold their end of the agreement and pay the dues in a timely/on time manner. 
Please understand that to be able to keep the gym doors opened, it’s bills need to be paid on time just like the rest of us. The only way for that to happen is if everyone involved does their part to keep it going and growing. 

Thanksgiving Week 

Sorry for the delay in announcements for the past few weeks, but the adults training classes will be cancelled until Monday so everyone can enjoy time with their families. Due to the upcoming holiday(s) we have had very small groups, but it’s to be expected around this time of year. After today, the kids’ class will also be cancelled until next Tuesday as well. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! Stay active at your own leisure, be safe, and enjoy the rest of your week! 

Tuesday; September 12th – Friday; September 15th, 2017

Tomorrow through Friday the gym will be closed due one of our fighter’s match in Redlands, California. We will be holding a class tonight at normal hours, however. 
Shyann Farmer is making her professional MMA debut with Combate Americas, the first Hispanic U.S. MMA sports franchise in history. The whole competition will be broadcast live on ESPN 3 for those who are wanting to tune in for the show.
As always, thank you for your continued support!