Sunday Session 

Just touching base on tomorrow’s class. Please come in at 2:30pm to do a bit of a make-up day since we did not hold class Friday night. It can be a casual day for cardio, strength and conditioning, technique, etc. Or for those of you who want to, you are more than welcome to make it a hard day and do some sparring along with the extra conditioning work. Whatever the individual feels necessary or comfortable with. If there are any questions or concerns about tomorrow, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks everyone! 

Friday; July 14th, 2017

Just a quick update, but we will have to cancel tonight’s training session. Sorry for such a short notice, but there are some circumstances that have arose that need to be taken care of. We will be doing a session Sunday in the afternoon this weekend. Please come so we can make up for the night missed. Apologies again for the short notice. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact. Thank you! 


Due to some unexpected and unfortunate circumstances, our fighter will not be competing this weekend. So we will hold class today for the adults at the regular time. Since this is the case, we would like to take this opportunity and get an extra day of training in for the kids and adults on Sunday. Separate sessions for each group of course. We can discuss a good time Sunday for the adults at tonight’s practice. Parents of the youth class will be contacted later today to setup a time for them. Feel free to make contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding this update. Thanks everyone! 

Update For Friday, July 7th, 2017

Due to one of our fighters competing this weekend, we will not be opening on Friday at all. For our youth class, if we get back early enough this Sunday, we can make up Friday for the kids that day. I will keep in touch with the parents on the subject this weekend. Until then, we will hold classes for them today and tomorrow starting at 4:30pm. Bring them any time after that if they are up for it or available. This week has been a little off because of the holiday and our competition this weekend, but we will work around it. Thanks everyone! 
Also, just a reminder, since the 1st was this past Saturday and the gym was closed Monday and Tuesday due to the holiday, please do not forget to bring in the payments for this month if you have not done so in advance already. 

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Due to the MMA event we are participating in on Saturday, we will not be training tomorrow. We will resume our normal scheduled regimen on Monday. If anyone is up for it or available to come watch two of our teammates compete, please feel free to do so! We would definitely appreciate the support! If not, we will update everyone on here or via social media. Thank you for your continued support everyone! 

Upcoming Schedule Adjustments 

Hello everyone, sorry for such a long hiatus from the website. We have just been incredibly busy as of late due to recent as well as upcoming events that we are preparing for. As such, we have much more competitions coming up, so during those weeks hours of operation will slightly change. For the youth course, we will most likely only have to change the Friday training day to a different day earlier in the week, i.e. Wednesday or Thursday. Adult classes will be cancelled altogether that Friday and quite possibly Thursday as well depending on the circumstances of the event. Not to worry, everyone will be constantly updated as the events draw near. If there are any questions, feel free to contact me or ask at our next training session. Thank you! 
Here is our next event! 


April 22nd is one week away! We have 4 fighters on the event taking place on Holloman Air Force Base that Saturday! We’ve been training incredibly hard for this event and have nothing but high expectations for this one!

On a totally unrelated note, there will be some updates to the schedule for our available classes soon. We’ve added a youth course for kids ages 6-11 already and now would like to move towards the pre-teen and teen courses ranging from 12-16 years of age. To add to this equation, we will also be having more open hours of operations as well. Morning classes will now be Monday through Friday instead of the Tuesday through Thursday operations we currently have now. More and more to come! 

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Just a quick reminder. For those of you who are planning to come in for this month, please do not forget bring your payments. If you are having trouble with that, get with me on arrangements. I’ll work with you, but in the future you will have to give me advanced notice for any and all payment arrangements or hardships in relation to payments. Fighters, get in gear, you have only 19 days until your fights. Let’s buckle down and kick it into high gear like I said. 

Clash of the Titans! 

April 22nd is coming up fast and we have 4 fighters of our very own on this card, as well as another long time coach of our coach competing! If you’re in the area, come and enjoy a night of action packed, hard hitting, fast paced Mixed Martial Arts fights at the Domenici Fitness Center, on Holloman Air Force Base! The base will be open to the public with tickets and MMA spectators on the day of the event. We will update immediately when tickets are available. Clear your schedule for that day and stay tuned! 

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