Head Coach Anthony Hudson

               Coach Anthony fell in love with martial arts at a very young age. Over the years his love for martial arts grew and in 2006 he began training and competing in mixed martial arts. He has competed all over the state and in 2010 decided to open Desert Dynasty MMA in a small building located off of 12th St. Over the years he has worked tirelessly to coach fighters, kids, teens, and everything in between.

Coach Richard Jennings

               Coach Richard holds a 5th degree black belt in tae kwon do and has been training in MMA since 2017. He is one of our active competitors and is currently a 3 stripe blue belt in jiu-jitsu. Richard helps wherever he is needed, including our advanced class.

Coach Kaileena Hudson

               Coach Kaileena has been training in mixed martial arts for several years. She currently coaches our kids class and assists in the teens class when needed. She has competed in several jiu jitsu competitions and is fierce on the mats.

Coach Ashley Hudson

               Coach Ashley began training in MMA back in 2006, and competed several times before going on hiatus. She now is an active member in our advance class and is a 2 stripe blue belt in jiu jitsu. She handles all our enrollments and administrative stuff.

Junior Coach Sejadus Hudson

               Junior Coach Sejadus has been on the mats since he was a baby and began training a few years ago. He has competed multiple times and is the proud owner of a gold medal. Sejadus helps out in our Parent Plus class, kids class, and teens class.

Junior Coach Will Ortiz

                Junior Coach Will has been training with us for several years. He helps out in both the kids and teens class and actively trains in out advanced class. Will is at the gym more than anyone and is always ready to hype you up or help out.

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