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Payment Options

Thank you in advance for any and all inquiries! This list is also in the sign-up packet upon joining so you can be reminded in person if you forget what is available.

  • First Day Trial – $5.00 + tax (Applies only to those who have never been part of our facility programs and just want to try out a day to see if it’s something they would like to do.)
  • Daily Rate – $10.00 + tax (This payment is self explanatory.) 😉
  • Weekly Rate – $40.00 + tax (If choosing this payment option, it will cover for one week from the day of the payment.)
  • 1st Month New Sign Up – $120.00 + tax (This payment is mandatory for any and all ages 18+ who have not been part of the facility until now. This is a one-time initiation payment and will NOT be the normal Monthly Payment. This payment is if you decide to choose to participate monthly.)
  • Regular Monthly (18+) Class – $70.00 + tax (Payments are due on the 1st of every month. If the 1st falls on a weekend, holiday, or any day that we are closed, it is due the following day of facility operation and training. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
  • Teen (13-17) Monthly $60.00 + tax
  • Youth (6-12) Monthly $50.00 + tax

*Please note that prices are subject to change to suit the needs of the facility’s expenses.
**Also note that if you forget to bring in payments when they are due, you WILL NOT be able to attend practices and asked to leave until this is remedied. The suggestion to all is to make sure that you do not forget the dates and days that payments are due; and remember to bring them in when you are wanting to train. Although from time to time, there will be reminders on the site and in person in advance, it is still up to the individual to fulfill this responsibility. Each member is held accountable for paying their fees ON TIME or make payment arrangements reasonably well BEFORE the following payment due date. So it is recommended to do what is necessary to keep a record and reminder of payment due dates ahead of time. Please understand that this facility is still operated as a business and with that, payments are to be in when they are due, upon entrance.