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Weekly Targeted Training Regimen

The training schedule below is a base target to what we our practicing on that specific day. Everything we do is unconventional, as how most MMA gyms are across the plane. Although each day has a specific training focus, we still incorporate the opposite aspects of the spectrum. For example, if the schedule is geared towards striking, we will still incorporate a type of grappling. If grappling, striking is incorporated. This is to make sure that the essence of “Mixed” Martial Arts keeps the integration in the fighting arts together as they are intended.
*Monday – Thursday: 7:00pm – 9:30pm, 18+ class.

Monday & Wednesday: 6:00pm – 7:15pm, 13 – 17yo class.

Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00am – 11:30am (requires 12 hour prior notice); 5:00pm6:00pm, kids 6 – 12yo class.

Sat: 2:30pm – 4:30pm.

Sun: 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Fri: Closed.
*Days and hours of operation, are always subject to change as needed.
*Training regimen below is a base concept of the weekly training days. Each day may be altered at any time to suit the needs of the participants in order to maximize output and performance and minimize risk of injury.

Training Routine Scheduled As Follows:

  • Mon – Mixing It Up: primary focus; to take what has been learned from the previous week, refresh, put it all together and utilize it for MMA fight scenarios (sparring); MMA strength and conditioning. (Teens class ages 13 – 17 from 6pm – 7:15pm. Different regimen for this group on this day.)
  • TuesWrestling: primary focus; takedowns, takedown defense, dominant ground positioning, and overall grappling, tie-up, and ground control; enhancing wrestling abilities. (Kids class ages 6 – 12 from 5pm – 6pm. Different program regimen for this age group on this day.)
  • Wed – Striking/Striking Patterns/Striking Defense/Footwork/Head and Body Movement: primary focus; Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Ground and Pound, Striking from your back on the ground, etc.; Any and all striking forms are practiced to enhance the dynamics of the practitioner’s striking abilities; stand-up footwork for angles and movement (body and head) for evasion/striking defense. (Teens class ages 13 – 17 from 6pm – 7:15pm. Different regimen for this group on this day.)
  • ThruSubmission Grappling: primary focus; grappling sweeps, transitions, positions, and submissions; no-gi Jiu-Jitsu based grappling aspect. (Kids class ages 6 – 12 from 5pm – 6pm. Different program regimen for this age group on this day.)
  • Fri – Closed….
  • **Sat Primarily MMA strength and conditioning, but also to work on any areas of MMA fighting abilities; practitioners may use this time for conditioning and technique practice. Most have made use of this day as an extra submission grappling day on top of strength and conditioning. Members are welcome to use this time for anything they would like to practice.
  • **SunSame as Saturday.

**These days will be primarily for fighters who are in training camps for upcoming matches. Although this may be the case, those who have paid their dues and are a part of the team will be allowed to participate if desired.

~Morning sessions will mirror the night classes in terms of training session, but will be adjusted dependent on class size, as well as prior day or night session. Sparring may possibly be done, but only at the discretion of the instructor overseeing the class.

~Night Classes: First 30 minutes of training will be primarily for warm-ups and light to intense conditioning for all. No sparring or full contact will be done during this time, unless directed otherwise. Technical, repetitive drilling and application, as well as sparring then follows. When regularly scheduled training session is complete, members may stay longer to work on more and other training they may feel they need or just want to. This can vary from more sparring, grappling, wrestling, weight training, cardio and conditioning, etc. However, majority of the coach’s attention will be focused towards competitors preparing for upcoming matches as those individuals will need more strict and precise training to help them in their preparation. Please understand that our goal is to train for any and all competition that we may possibly take part in. Our competitors will need this time to sharpen their skills in order to better their chances of having a winning outcome in any upcoming planned events. (Applies to all days)

~All training sessions, although separately practiced as a primary focus on the set days, are applied and applied from an MMA standpoint.

~ Conditioning and technique drills are done for the physical fitness, athleticism improvement, and overall performance enhancement for each primary focus on their set day.

~On all training days, after primary routines are met, mat is open to practitioners for use of sparring (striking, grappling, or MMA) and/or anything else the individual feels the need to improve on.